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Book Digitization / Scanning / Digital Conversion Services
ePub Conversion Services Our ePub conversion service allows you to turn your book into various formats including Amazon Kindle format, Sony Reader format, iPhone and iPad format. You can submit your files as a MSword document, text document, PDF file or just a hard copy of the book for us to scan and do the conversion. Our ePub Creation Services Include: - Cover page that can fit into any size of ebook device screen - Table of Contents formating and linking - Removal of original page number, headers/footers. - Images, tables and charts are checked after conversion for perfect alignment. - Creation of hyperlinks - Embedding of audio and video files in ePub files into ePub3 format (See our Pricing Page for information) All ePub files are carefully checked before they are sent to clients or ebookstores. Sample of The Reflowable Epub Format: http://youtu.be/uesNx1HijDU Enhanced eBooks With Multimedia Fixed Layout / ePub 3 Format Unlike the normal ePub books which texts are reflowable, the fixed layout ePub format presents each book page as an image that can be animated or static. It is often used for books highly illustrated, full color, and / or containing multimedia elements. This format is ideal for more complex design books such as children's books,magazines, cookbooks and art books. With fixed layout ePub you have better control of the look of each page in the book and you can even add sound clips, narrations, videos and even animations on the pages. If you want to retain the layout of an existing book you already published, then fixed layout ePub format is recommended. With the fixed layout ePub format, you can now design interesting and interactive books with sounds and simple animations. Stretch your imagination and creativity when you create your ebooks with this format!  Which devices read this format? The four largest eBook retailers (Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo) all support fixed layout eBook files. Sample of The Fixed Layout Format: http://youtu.be/slQsdTFHjck 3nd Sample of The Fixed Layout Format: http://youtu.be/74VP6oAd1BU Digital Flip Books With Multimedia If you want to create full color multimedia digital flipping books that supports Flash animations and sell on your own website or through your own reseller network. Try our Digital Flip Book digital publishing option. It gives you 100% control of the sale and distribution system of your digital books.  Features: - Create “real” flash effect digital books - readable on PC, laptops and android devices - Customizable size in portrait or landscape size - Fully customizable layout and styles - Add sound, flash animation, video files and hyperlinks to websites and online resources - Page Turn Effect – turn pages by mouse click, mouse drag, with keyboard arrows or main control panel - Zoom In / Zoom out feature - Customizable Index/ Table of Contents – make your flip book more useful and attractive by providing a structured view of original contents - Allows you to build your own selling network - sell on your own websites and affiliate systems - Able to sell online or offline - Digital locking of books via keys and passwords. Suitable For:  - Animated children story books - ebooks - Magazines - Brochures and catalogues - eLearning courseware for sales - Corporate training materials and Internal training coursware Email us and our publishing consultant will be able to offer you the best way to publish your book digitally.
Audio/Sound Editing Service / Voice Over Service We can help you to create and edit sound files to meet your audio needs. We can do the following: - Cut out unwanted words and sounds like when a speaker says “um…” or “uh…”, coughs, beeps, etc. - Remove unwanted silence in the beginning, end, or anywhere in between - Add fade in and fade out for a track - Remove parts of a conversation, such as unwanted words, sentences, or even whole topics - Add music to your recording, such as an introduction and closing fade-in/fade-out, multiple tracks mixing - Boost the volume of the track to improve sound quality - Add reverb to make the sound richer - Change the pitch of the sound track - Insert sound effects - Audio CD production and duplication - Script writing and voice over (We have a team of script writers and voice talents from around the world) This service is suitable for projects such as: - Podcasts - Recorded interviews - Audio Books . - Training/Sales Presentations - Information Products You can provide your recordings in various formats such as MP3 Download (or other popular file formats such as .wav) and Audio CDs. Our audio editing service helps you to sound great like a professional artist. Email us your audio needs so that we can give you the best quote.
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2nd Sample of The Fixed Layout Format: http://youtu.be/iSCWUCT1vJg
Book Scanning / Digitizing Books And Documents Service  Scan your paper documents, books & drawings into high resolution & text searchable files.   Our books and documents scanning services allow you to turn your printed books, magazines and any documents into various electronic formats for digital archiving and storage. Using the latest scanning equipments, we offer non-destructive bound book scanning to give you a high resolution and accurate scanning experience without damaging the original source. With Non-destructive book scanning, your books will be returned to you in the same condition. What Will Be The Final Output Formats? PDF format With Interactive Table of Contents Editable MS Word format (OCR Scanning) Searchable Mobi and epub format Jpeg and Tiff Image Formats What Can Be Scanned And Digitalized ? Printed Books Images and Charts Periodicals Newsletters Magazines SOP Manuals  (Standard Operation Procedures Manuals) Year Books Documents Note Books and Log Books Drawings Technical Documents Legal Documents Accounting Documents Ancient and historical texts Out-Of-Print books Who Needs Book Digitalization / Book Scanning / Document Scanning Services? Authors Individuals Libraries Schools and universities Small businesses Organizations Publishers Government bodies and agencies  
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